Blended Learning Workshop for UPM Faculty Members




UP Manila ILC Director Iris Thiele Isip Tan conducted her first workshop on blended learning at the UPM Interactive Learning Center Computer Room last November 11, 2016. Each college was invited to send a faculty member to accompany their college’s ILC committee representative. This blended learning workshop will be cascaded to all colleges. Attendees to this very first workshop will be facilitating these workshops at the college level with Dr. Isip Tan.

At this half-day workshop, the faculty became students as they experienced different forms of blended learning with Dr. Isip Tan. Dr. Isip Tan demonstrated how she conducts a flipped classroom set-up with team-based learning in the College of Medicine. She introduced them to Twitter using two models of blended learning: individual rotation and station rotation. In the individual rotation model, participants were assigned to their station based on their pre-test scores. The participants did not rotate in all stations. In the station rotation, the participants rotated through three stations every 15 minutes.

The workshop ended with the participants giving feedback about the workshop and discussing their learning experiences as they went through the different forms of blended learning.

Present were:


  1. Arlene Cecilia Alfaro, DDM


  1. Mr. Christopher S. Cayco
  2. Mr. Michael C. Valdez


  1. Alvina Pauline Santiago, MD
  2. Joven Tanchuco, MD


  1. Vince Lambert H. Padilla


  1. Paul Adrian V. Pinlac, MD
  2. Fernando B. Garcia Jr., MD






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